about anna

I was born in England to an English mother with excellent taste in children's literature and an American father who made up stories at bedtime. Dad owned a number of bookstores in England and America--from Logos Bookshop in Amherst, MA, Albion Bookshop in Albany, NY, to West Side Bookshop in Wells, England--and many of my earliest memories are book-related. In the early nineties, Dad moved to Prague where he taught high school English before opening Anagram Bookshop (named after me, hence Anagram Editorial).

Working in Anagram with Dad during the school holidays was one of the greatest joys of my life. The children's section, under a small archway, was painted in bright colors and the shelves were low to the ground. Anagram's bookshelves were always fully stocked in subjects that suited the Charles University students, expats, and tourists. We used a stunning blue iMac G3 and traditional publishing catalogs for all his ordering needs. Back in England, I worked at Waterstones, advising customers on which books their friends and family members might like. In America, I've worked at Rodgers Book Barn many times over the years, buying and pricing books, creating the YA section, and talking at length with customers about authors and the book industry. This exposure to so many books in so many places has led naturally to a lifetime of reading within multiple genres and styles.

It's no small wonder that I ended up majoring in English at university and writing a biography on my father's life for my dissertation (he died the year before I matriculated). As a student, I interned with the one and only David Levithan at Scholastic thanks to an introduction from my brilliant sister, author Rachel Cohn. Here, I was introduced to the world of the slush pile, reader's reports, and the various stages of editing and publication. Working in publishing felt natural to me, and I returned to Scholastic to work full-time after graduating. 

Growing up amongst the stacks of bookstores, studying English at university, and working in publishing, my life has been led by the quality of words and their power to teach, amuse, and illuminate. Working freelance means I can devote myself to those projects that are both truly meaningful to me as well as those that match my skill set. The array of worlds out there continues to motivate and excite me. There's little I enjoy more than working alongside creative and passionate writers, nonprofit professionals, and independent business owners. 

“Thank you for taking the time to be my reader, and for your helpful feedback. I appreciate your encouragement. I have been incredibly lucky to have had your help.”
— Tula Holmes, MFA student

about anagram

After working in publishing, at bookstores, and with authors around the country, I founded Anagram Editorial, an editorial, research, and book recommendation service for a variety of literary and content-strategy needs. At Scholastic, I acquired and edited middle grade, young adult, nonfiction, and fiction novels. I have consulted for authors such as Patricia McCormick and Paul Griffin, spoken on panels for aspiring writers at The New School and Stony Brook, and served as US Event Planner and Brand Consultant for the Roald Dahl Literary Estate. Collaborating with Penguin, the Estate, and creative businesses across the country, I produced high-quality, brand-orientated events with an eye toward long-term strategy for the late author’s estate.

Whether crafting marketing and brand strategies, researching eclectic topics, or sculpting a manuscript into a tight piece of literature, I enable creativity, push for the highest quality, and bring your idea to life. I hold certificates in editing from New York University and a BA with highest honors in English Literature from Lehigh University.


  • Edited fiction and non-fiction books for ages 5 to 18 at Scholastic. Conceived of and edited original non-fiction titles focused on female, political activists and nonviolent activists.

  • Acquired Paul Griffin to write Adrift, a story I developed, for Scholastic. Adrift is out now!

  • Wrote hundreds of constructive, articulate editorial letters to agents as well as agented and un-agented authors.

  • Composed editorial letters for YA and adult manuscripts. Discussed manuscripts and story ideas in person and over the phone with established authors and agents.

  • Served as marketing and social media coordinator for Patricia McCormick.

  • Selected as an editorial panelist for The New School and Stony Brook University programs.

  • Acted as a thesis advisor in the Stony Brook University's Children's Literature Fellows program.

  • Consulted for the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and the Roald Dahl 100 celebrations.

  • In-house editor and researcher for the Robin Hood Foundation.

  • Earned certificates in Book Manuscript Editing with Vanessa Mobley and Fundamentals of Copyediting and Proofreading at NYU School of Professional Studies, Center for Publishing.

  • B.A. in English with highest honors and summa cum laude from Lehigh University.

  • My research experience covers everything from archival research and recording for Scott's Pizza Tours, extensive database usage at the Robin Hood Foundation, and source collection for an award-winning documentary filmmaker at the U.N.