2016 Holiday Gift Guide

This is the first year I'm spending Christmas (and my birthday—Boxing Day baby!) in America, away from Mom, my family, and Yorkshire pudding. Which means the presents I send and receive this year need to be light enough to ship across the Atlantic without breaking the bank. Many of us have friends and family far away from where we live, but we still want our gifts to be thoughtful, personal, and come in lovely little packages. With that in mind, I've collected a number of gift ideas that are light on shipping but heavy on holiday cheer (as with last year's gift guide, I've tried to keep reasonable budgets in mind).

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Not only is this my first ever blog post and my first ever gift guide, but it's also the first day of Chanukah! And there are only 19 days until Christmas! Chooray! Or chelp, as the case may be. I'm firmly on the latter and in fact the main reason for doing this blog post was to procrastinate from actually buying presents. The good news is that nearly everyone in my family, including me, appreciates a carefully chosen book or a literary-themed item. The bad news is that nearly everyone in my family, including me, has a birthday between October-January, so while the presents are doubled the bank balance is halved. With that in mind, below are book-related items for specific sorts of people, but anyone's budget.