Anagram Recommends Star Package

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Anagram Recommends Star Package


If you have an unwieldy and intimidating to-be-read list, or if you're looking to develop and strengthen your reading life over time, this is the most robust and personalized service, which includes:

  • a detailed questionnaire based on your own existing reading list or whether you want to start from scratch, so that I can learn more about you and your reading habits
  • the first month will include a 30-60 minute phone call to better get to know you and your literary life
  • a 30 minute phone call once a month to discuss the book you read and to better inform my decision on what to recommend next
  • each month, I will pick 1-3 books for you to choose from (either from your existing list or a new one I create for you)
  • the locations in your neighborhood (and online) where you can buy/borrow the books
Monthly Package:
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You will be charged $85 for the first month, and billed $50 on the 1st of each subsequent month