Words from our clients:

“Anna gives writers very solid, very thoughtful feedback. She is very insightful in her assessment of manuscripts, creative, hard-working, and as smart as she is delightful.”
— Patricia McCormick, two-time National Book Award finalist
“You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much—not only for taking the time to read the manuscript, but to craft such wonderful, thoughtful notes. You have a gift for story. Your notes cut right to heart of the problems in the manuscript. I can’t wait to tackle the rewrite.”
— Paul Griffin, author of Adrift and Burning Blue
“Thank you for taking the time to be my reader, and for your helpful feedback. I appreciate your encouragement. I have been incredibly lucky to have had your help.”
— Tula Holmes, MFA student
“Anna made major headway on a complex project involving deep archival research over a period of months. She did an incredible job!”
— Scott Wiener, Founder of Scott's Pizza Tours
“Thank you very much for sharing your insight. Your feedback is so, so helpful. I feel like I have direction now.”
— Katherine K. Willis, actor, educator
“I really appreciated the chance to discuss the book in person. You correctly spotted problems in the book’s structure. Your advice was excellent and I certainly have a lot to think about.”
— Nicholas Shuit, writer


I was born in England to an English mother with excellent taste in children's literature who loved reading and an American father who owned bookshops and made up stories at bedtime.

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Editing services for manuscripts, articles, web, and more. Research services for book projects, nonprofits, and businesses. Personalized book recommendations for individuals.

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