“Anna made major headway on a complex project involving deep archival research over a period of months.
She did an incredible job!”
— Scott Wiener, Founder of Scott's Pizza Tours



Finding the right agent can be a time-consuming and laborious process, and finding a publishing house that will take un-agented work is getting harder and harder. With my experience and contacts from the publishing world in England and the United States, I will research and recommend the agent(s) and/or house(s) that best fits the need of your manuscript. This service will provide you with a list detailing the requirements, preferences, and contact information of the relevant agencies and houses.

I can also provide a close read, full edit, and/or comprehensive feedback on your query letter/package. 


With a professional background in academic, small business, and nonprofit research utilizing online and physical archives, multiple databases, and deep internet searches, I can offer a wide variety of research support depending on the needs of your company, organization, article, or manuscript. From archival research and detailed reporting for Scott's Pizza Tours, extensive database usage at the Robin Hood Foundation, to source collection for an award-winning documentary filmmaker at the U.N., my experience is broad and detail-orientated.


Please contact me for a quote, which will be based on factors such as type of research required, timeframe, and so on. Rates will either be by the hour or a block rate depending on the project.